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About Us

Gino's is a friendly, family run restaurant in the heart of Seaford, East Sussex. The proprietors, Gino & Sue opened the restaurant in 1991, and continue to ensure the best quality ingredients are used. All the dishes are freshly prepared by our kitchen team, headed by internationally renowned chef Gianluigi. We offer only quality foods but with a price to suit most budgets. We welcome everyone from small groups, to large groups, famillies and couples.


Ginos Restaurant Review

Whenever we have celebrated an important moment in our family life, we have chosen “Gino’s”.
You always remember the warmth that bounds every table  and the colourful snapshots of happiness.
Everything has  a directed purpose: to feel good. You will think “Italian” even if you cannot speak the language. You  blend with all those appetite –striking aromas. You  laugh a lot and enjoy yourself. A moment when you forget  about time.  You  feel wrapped up by that multi-surround system of human voices singing “Happy Birthday to You!” At the beginning of another year you are not alone: everybody there joins in the magic circle of friendship.
I end my short reflection on this special place in Seaford with an acrostic poem:

Go to Gino’s and enjoy the flavour
In the Italian style,
Nothing’s better than the favour
Of being a Ginophile.


aRTy ( Rodica Todd)


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